Why Kill Bill 46?

Bill 46 is legislation designed to violate and diminish the rights of Albertans. The Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta is planning to pass this bill in November.

Bill 46 — The Alberta Utilities Commission Act:

  • Authorizes the Commission to make an order or decision without giving public notice and without holding a hearing;
  • Gives the proposed Alberta Utilities Commission the power to prevent landowners and the affected public from making verbal representations, even if a hearing is held;
  • Restricts the ability of landowners and the affected public from to hire outside legal counsel when intervening in regulatory hearings;
  • Eliminates any requirement for industry to prove a transmission line is needed by the public, or is in the best interest of the public. Allows the Board to compel individuals to appear before them, provide incriminating testimony, and gives the Board the power to jail individuals that are in contempt; and
  • Is retroactive to June 1, 2003.

This legislation impacts the rights of all Albertans. Speak up now. Tell the government to Kill Bill 46 and hold a public inquiry into the goings on of Alberta’s Energy and Utilities Board.

Follow the links on the right to view more details and analysis. To join the fight and take action against Bill 46, visit the Action page. Check out the Events page for information meetings, rallies and other events in your area.


  1. Don’t forget the protest at the Capri centre in Red Deer Thursday, October 18th at 6:00 p.m. Bring your “Kill Bill 46” sign!!

  2. It seems to me that the Alberta Government and the EUB have already violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by their action of sending spies to landowners’ meetings. While Charter challenges are expensive, especially if they are unsuccessful, perhaps enough people are pissed off to allow such a challenge.
    The Charter guarantees freedom of association in section 2. Can there be free association if an arm of the government sends to landowners’ meetings spies who pose as landowners. Surely not. Had the landowners known they were spies, they would not have associated with them. One presumes that in the circumstances of this case, the freedom to associate with others includes the freedom not to associate and that the landowners would not have consented to association with spies.
    So how does this relate to Bill 46? It seems the government wants to exonerate by legislation the EUB for actions that were in breach of the Charter. Can we interpret this as an indication from government that such breaches of the Charter should be dealt with merely by retroactive legislation? If so, shouldn’t we act to discover the view of the courts on this matter? Action sooner rather than later would be best.

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