Tories soften energy board bill

From the Calgary Herald:

Under rapid fire for its controversial Bill 46 that overhauls the province’s energy regulator, the Stelmach government is set to introduce several dozen amendments that will remove some of the most contentious proposals but leave others intact.

Word of the amendments, which were obtained Wednesday by the Herald, came the same day three board members of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board announced their retirements in the wake of a spying scandal that has rocked the energy regulator.

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Kill Bill 46 – action guide and fact-sheet

Here’s a great report put together on why the proposed Bill 46 is bad for Albertans and could violate your rights as a land owner.


Camrose speaks up about Bill 46

Hugh MacDonald, Edmonton-Gold Bar MLA, attended the town hall meeting on Nov. 14 and heard nothing but negative opinions against Bill 46, which deals with the Energy Utilities Board.

“If the bill is not to be pulled from the legislative agenda, then it must be amended,” said MacDonald. He heard from 35 Camrose citizens Wednesday evening at the Norseman Inn, all of whom opposed the passing of Bill 46.

According to MacDonald, the Alberta Liberal shadow minister of energy, this bill will restrict and limit citizen’s ability to participate in regulatory hearings. It disallows landowners from hiring outside legal council when intervening in hearings.

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Alberta headed for showdown with angry landowners over Bill 46

From Canadian Press:

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach’s tussle with rural landowners over legislation to streamline utility hearings is quickly becoming a street brawl.

Bill 46 would eliminate third-party funding to consumer and environmental groups that have become a fixture at regulatory hearings into proposals for oilwells and power lines.

Instead, the province would beef up the role of the Utilities Consumer Advocate, a government-appointed agent that until now has been largely invisible.

Landowners say the government is trying to stifle voices of protest by severely limiting who can participate in hearings and who gets funding as an intervener. Continue reading

Flap over $500-per-hour consultant

From the Edmonton Sun:

The government is paying a Calgary consultant $500 per hour to help it develop its new utilities commission, the Opposition revealed yesterday, and has already shelled out $84,000 for work on the project.

Energy Minister Mel Knight hasn’t explained yet why the department’s own staff can’t do the work or why the contract, awarded to Calgary consultant Murray Nelson’s firm Mana Energy Group Ltd., wasn’t publicly tendered, said Hugh MacDonald, the Liberal energy critic.

“It’s another indication of how disrespectful this minister is to his own staff, because two weeks ago he referred to them as ‘minions’ and he’s totally wrong,” said MacDonald.

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Calgary Mayor: Stelmach should suspend bill on hearings (Kill Bill 46)

From the Edmonton Sun:

Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier has joined the growing list of opponents to Bill 46, legislation to restructure energy and utility hearings in Alberta.

Bronconnier has written a letter to Premier Ed Stelmach, asking him to “suspend Bill 46 pending full public consultation.”

The mayor is pointing at the same sections of the bill that have upset many rural landowners who have been packing town hall meetings and have even set up a Kill Bill 46 web site.

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Kill Bill 46 in Alberta! It’s about your rights as a landowner


446 Members Have Already Joined the “Kill Bill 46” Facebook Group


Have you joined our discussion group yet?

If not, check us out here, join up and help us spread the word!

Stelmach vows to change Bill 46 to soothe rural voters

From the Edmonton Journal:

Premier Ed Stelmach confirmed Tuesday his government wants to alter a bill some angry rural landowners and consumer groups say will limit their ability to challenge utilities projects.

But he also accused opposition parties of “scare tactics” and misinforming Albertans on the implications of Bill 46 and wouldn’t hint at how far he’ll go to soothe the outcry in the Conservatives’ rural heartland.

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CBC: Environmentalists dressed as spies protest Bill 46


Costumed protestors from Greenpeace added their opposition to a contentious energy bill at the Alberta legislature Thursday.

Sporting black clothes and dark sunglasses, the small group mocked the spying scandal that rocked the province’s Energy and Utilities Board this year and said it only raises more questions about how energy projects are approved in the province.

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