Rural route wreckage

From the Edmonton Sun:

Series of gaffes gotta be hurting the Tories in the countryside power base

When you consider that the EUB private eyes were eavesdropping on landowners opposing the 500 KV Wabamun to Calgary power line, you can understand there’s a growing fear that the sinister Tories were simply trying to do an end run around the folks angry over the pylons.

And from the way that the public appears to be cut out of the Alberta Utilities Commission hearing process, it looked like the fix was in, especially after the top Alberta bureaucrat who designed the deal left the government under mysterious circumstances up ahead of a conflict-of-interest probe by the auditor general.

It didn’t help when Tory house leader Dave Hancock tried to pretend that no amendments to the controversial AUC bill were coming, even though he knew perfectly well a couple of substantial ones will be walked onto the assembly floor next week, leaving the premier hanging out to dry for the last three weeks.

Last week Knight was still digging in his heels, blasting all opposition to the bill as “fear mongering.”

He went on to accuse “individuals inside and outside the legislature” of trying to “whip up an awful lot of angst.”

The opposition to Bill 46 radically switched when Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier waded in.

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