Bill 46 Info Meeting to be Held in Edmonton, Alberta

Here’s the details:

Bill 46 Information Meeting


Tuesday, October 23, 2007 – 7:00pm


Duggan Community Hall

3728 106 Street NW

Edmonton, AB

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Rocked by scandal, the decision-making process for major electricity projects under the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) will be restructured in the November sitting of the Alberta Legislature if Bill 46, the Alberta Utilities Commission Act is passed into law.

But this new law will reduce the requirements for public notice of major power projects; make it harder for the public to participate in public hearings; and award the new commission broad, court-like powers to compel persons to appear before them, to compel incriminating testimony, and to jail people for contempt.

Bill 46 will create a “New EUB” so powerful that they won’t need spies!

And while Alberta Energy tells investors that Alberta’s policies “are not easily changed retroactively, and remain competitive to maintain necessary investment” (Alberta’s Integrated Energy Strategy, P.7), Bill 46 will make a change to current law that retroactive to 2003, just to quash a landowners’ lawsuit currently in the legal system.

Joe Anglin, Vice Chair of the Lavesta Area Group, one of the organizations spied on by private investigators hired by the EUB, will speak on the threat of Bill 46 to the future of public rights and the power industry.

Please join members of the Electricity Transmission Coalition and other community organizers at this important public meeting.

Further information is available at or e-mail

All are welcome. RSVPs to are appreciated, but not necessary. Please forward to your members and friends.

Alberta’s Bill 46 overruns our property rights

“Bill 46, which has passed first reading, will remove the right to a hearing and gives the board the authority to make a decision without giving public notice or holding a hearing.”

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Bill 46 protest at Premier Ed Stelmach’s dinner

Our protest was a big success. Keep writing letters

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Bill 46 Protest

For Immediate Release October 18, 2007 (RIMBEY, AB)

On Thursday October 18, 2007 the Lavesta Area Group will be hosting a “Kill Bill 46” demonstration outside Ed Stelmach’s Premier Dinner, at the Capri Centre Hotel, 3310 – 50 Ave Red Deer AB. The Demonstration starts at 6 PM.

The purpose of the demonstration is to raise public awareness, to the provisions of the Bill C-46, which reduce landowners’ and the public’s rights, concerning energy development. Of the many degrading sections of Bill C-46 that reduces the rights of landowners and citizens, in Utility and Energy hearings; Sec 24(1) stands-out as a blatant violation of natural justice when it grants the new Utility Commission the authority to make decisions and rulings without giving public notice and without holding a hearing.

You can find more information here.  

For clarity (Sec: 9 and Sec: 24 of Bill C-46). Sec: 24(1) is reprinted below:


Orders without Notice

24(1) Where notice to interested parties to a hearing or other proceedings is required, the Commission may, if it is of the opinion that the matter is urgent, or for other reasons appearing to the Commission to be sufficient, hear the application or make a decision or order as if due notice had been given to all parties, and the decision or order is as valid and has the effects in all respects as if made on due notice.

Under Section 24(1) it will be possible that a landowner could one day answer a knock on the door, to discover a power plant (nuclear?), transmission line, or pipeline will have already been approved and they must now move. There will be no hearing and notification was not required, furthermore there is no right to appeal the decision. The same people, who passed the legislation that eliminated the right to due process of law, will determine what compensation is fair for taking a person’s home and property.

Kill Bill Protest tonight in Red Deer

Kill Bill 46 Protest


Thursday, October 18, 2007 – 6:00pm


Capri Centre Hotel Parking Lot

3310 50 Avenue

Red Deer, AB

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Approximately 20 MLAs will be in attendance at the Premier’s Dinner with Ed Stelmach, at the Capri Centre Hotel (3310 50 Avenue) in Red Deer. Protest against Bill 46 starts at 6:00pm in the parking lot.

Bring Signs — “Kill Bill 46”